Kerbholz – watches from Nature!
The brand and it’s interesting story starts in the year of 2011 by two best friends, who come back from an exciting journey from Central America. Inspired by the wild nature there, they decide that the fashion of the wood has not even begun, as they decide to create watches from wood! Coming back in Germany, after many sleepless nights up talking and some empty bottles of wine, they come up with the brand Kerbholz. Not so long after, they create the design and manufacture of the watches. They leave to with a minivan Volkswagen to offer their wood watches around the World! 
Today, the naïve ideas for watches made out of wood are actually made by the not so naïve business. The boys continue to use the resources, which Nature is giving to us, in order to make beautiful things.
Their models of watches are not many: simple designs and natural material, same as wood. That is what Kerbholz uses. Every watch is made of reusable material and resources, especially pressed, processed wood with a mechanism that is made out of high-quality Ronda Quartz – the company for watch mechanisms. The good design saves resources that makes the watch durable and lowers the pollution in the wild Nature.
The watches are real, modern, individualistic and special. The accessories speak about the person wearing them. 
KERBHOLZ 4251240404257 Men's watch
98.17 122.71 valid until 31 Mar
Kerbholz 4251240407418 Men's Watch
85.90 107.37 valid until 31 Mar
Kerbholz 4251240407401 Men's Watch
81.40 101.75 valid until 31 Mar
Kerbholz 0705184599516 Men's watch
75.67 94.59 valid until 31 Mar