Calypso – A World of colors and unique design. The brand Calypso is known for it’s authentic, modern looks suiting all young and active people, who enjoy life to the fullest! Many, colorful, sports watches at accessible prices. Most models are for women, as well as for men. The original watches are for everyone who wants to stand out the crowd and express its own individuality. The watches are different and suited for everyone that follows the newest haute couture trends.
The brand Calypso is part of the big company for watches Festina Group. They decide to present the watches in front of the world as “prêt-à-porter” or ready to go!  The watches are with many colors and are very provocative, suited for the young and the bold. Thanks to the accessible prices, you can be with different looks every single day! Calypso is a brand watches made for all the people who love to be always on the go and to have fun while traveling. 
Express your inner self every day by wearing different Calypso watch! Be unique in style.